Very much language related processes still remain on the market and influence of the new wave can be seen here as well as beside the traditional F&A, IT support and Customer Service processed Logistics, Purchasing, HR and even Sales and Marketing are getting more popular. While continues growth has already created challenges in certain cities, even in the whole country when it comes to availability of employees with one of the most desired languages German. Of course there will always be a big demand and lack of resources with such rare languages as all Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch or Turkish just to name a few. Naturally lack of resources and high demand tend to create pressure on salaries.

Companies on the BPO/SSC sector are trying to find also new ways of cooperation with Universities to guarantee a steady flow of fresh graduates to ensure their growth. Such long-term planning is very healthy and I believe vital for the business to keep developing. While new processes and companies entering the market are providing new challenges for experienced employees. But are Polish universities able to educate enough skilled, especially with the knowledge of demanded languages, future employees for the sector? Obviously not when it comes to difficult and rare languages. It has been already seen for some years that more and more foreign employees have started to enter the Polish job market due to lack of people with certain language skills. So it is not anymore only about the Polish plumbers moving to UK or Germany. There´s also cross-border movement into Poland as it keeps developing and generally makes itself more attractive for foreigners. Maturity of immigrants working on the BPO/SSC sector come from the Mediterranean countries due to their current economical situation, but working abroad is a great opportunity for many young or unemployed job seekers from any country as they can gain valuable international work experience and take part in building something new. As many Polish cities are able to provide comfortable living environment for foreign candidates I believe this movement will keep increasing. Though attracting native German, Norwegian and Danish candidates for example might still stay very challenging in the future due to their native countries´ relatively strong economy as well as cultural perceptions.

Beside new processes the high demand of “exotic” Nordic languages seems to be part of the trend. While BPO companies are increasingly focusing their sales effort towards Nordic stock exchange companies those are also themselves considering between outsourced model and captives in the region. Poland as the destination of language related services is on the top of list, but what will happen to the talent supply if demand will keep increasing? The fact is that candidate pool which such Nordic languages is very limited in Poland even though there are few universities with Scandinavian and Finnish language departments. Neither the amount of Poles returning to their home country from Nordics doesn´t easy the situation.

Transformation of BPO/SSC sector and increasing demand of certain talent gives also a perfect spot for recruitment companies to specialization. We at Barona decided over 2 years ago to focus on very niche service and create the supply of native candidates from the Northern Europe to Poland. After that decision we have already recruited and relocated over 120 native Finns, Swedes, Danes and even Norwegians to Poland while the demand is continuously increasing.

The article has been partly published in Polish in the "Employment agency market in 2014" report by Polish HR Forum.